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Corporate Investigation Services

In today’s Scenario, It is more important to accurately know strengths and weaknesses of our valuable Investment on resources.

The term “Due diligence” means...
"Required Carefulness" or "Reasonable Care".

» Reputation of Individual / Corporate,
» Credit History & Goodwill,
» Prospectus of Growth,
» Details of Promoters/Directors,
» Banker’s feedback,
» Credibility & Market reputation,
» Production & Business Details
» Period in Business,
» Nature of Business,
» Production Capacity,
» Number of Employees,
» Disputes/ Court Litigation,
» Details of Intellectual Property,
» List of Suppliers,
» Details of Buyers,
» Feedback from Buyers & Suppliers,
» Analysis & Observations
» Strengths and Achievements,
» Weaknesses and Drawbacks,
» Analytical Recommendations,
» Legal Due Diligence:
» Other Legal Aspects of the Business,
» Company’s Legal Status,

Customised & Specialized Service:

Elleven Intelligence is a leader in due diligence portfolio service and has assisted MNCs, high networth Individuals, Indian Companies in finding out Right Business Opportunities on Right Investments and Reasonable Risks with high returns.

It shall be our pleasure to serve you, whenever, you may require our services.

We provide customized solution completely based on client’s requirement.

Our Services


Trademark, Brand 
IPR Investigation

Elleven Intelligence is Specialized and Expert in Trademark and IPR investigations.


Corporate Investigation Services

We provide the accurate and reliable Information taking decision about Joint Venture, Merger & Acquisition, Takeover, Investment or other alliance.


Customer Experience Investigation Services

Our Customer Experience Investigation Services provides 
an unbiased and accurate picture of your customer’s experiences.


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