Corporate Investigation

In today’s scenario, it is more important to accurately know strengths and weaknesses of own business operations for optimizing outputs & efficiencies, while minimizing wastage, pilferage and operational costs.

In this module, we acquire Operational Intelligence, without anybody knowing inside the company, by deploying our qualified and experienced investigator.  

Corporate Investigation Services.

We assist in following cases

• Performance and Integrity of Employees,
• Identify Inadequacies Inside the Corporate,
• Analyse Management Processes,
• Intellectual Property Theft,
• Secret Commission,
• Pilferage and Theft of Goods,
• Complaints Root Cause Analysis,
• Technical Appraisal of Operations,
• Identify Leakage and Wastage,
• Security Audit,
• Identify White Collar Crime.

Customised & Specialized Service:

We provide customized solution completely based on client’s requirement.


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