Case Study 01 :
Tracing Counterfeit Products (Edible Oil) from Open Market


A leading law firm approached us on behalf of their client, who is leading Eatable Oil manufacturing company and informed that there are some stores selling the counterfeit of their client’s original products. They wanted to end the selling of those counterfeit products and needed proper solution and reliable information to dig out the supply network chain of counterfeit products.

 The client’s main objective was to find out the stores and supply chain of selling the counterfeit products.



We suggested our client to conduct an investigation, so we could find out whether the stores are actually selling the counterfeit products and to confirm whether the information given to our client is correct.


We prepared a tailor-made plan and shared with client that if the investigation is conducted, we will get to the areas where the counterfeit products are sold. Who are selling these products? Who are their agents? Who are their distributors? Etc.

The client told us to proceed with the investigation.


We started our investigation on the respective stores. During the investigation, we found that the few stores were actually selling the counterfeit products and the information given to our client was true.


We noticed that the shopkeepers were refilling our client’s original jars, cans, bottles, etc. with their counterfeit products (Eatable Oil).


We purchased samples of counterfeit products (Eatable Oil) with invoice and handed over to client, thereafter the client checked the product in their Laboratory and it was found that the products (Eatable Oil) was counterfeit.


We collected the sample, invoice, photographs, etc. as evidence and handed over to client.


During the investigation, we extracted the information as shown below:


·         Name of Stores Selling Counterfeit products (Eatable Oil),

·         Who are the owners of the respective stores?

·         Warehouse of stores.

·         Approximate quantity of the counterfeit products?

·         Who are the suppliers?

·         Details of Supplier,

·         Areas that are covered in selling the counterfeit products, etc.



After the investigation, we gave all those evidences to our client. Our client gave the collected samples to the laboratories for the test. The reports revealed that those were the counterfeit products and with the help of the evidences collected, our client was able to take the legal action against those stores.


Note: We have not disclosed the locations, shop names, client name, etc. as the information is confidential.



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