Case Study 03 :
Usage of Unlicense Software


A law firm approached us on behalf of their client, a software company. They informed us that there are few companies using their software’s without license and the client has got the information that the companies are engaged into the usage of illegal / unauthorized software.

The client told us that few companies have purchased a minimum quantity of licensed software’s from them. However, the companies are using that software’s in more computers by installing unlicensed software from the original software.



We told our client that we could help them by conducting the physical investigation and we would find out what the companies are exactly engaged into and is the company really engaged into using the unlicensed software’s.

We made the strategy and shared with our client. Our client told us to proceed with the investigation.



We started our investigation on the target entities.

During the investigation, we noticed that there were approximately 20 to 25 computers / servers and the companies were having the staff of around 25 to 30 people.


Our investigators managed to find the following information:

·         Number of computer used by Company,

·         Number of Employee,

·         Field in which company engage?

·         Which Operating System (OS) company is using?

·         Which all software’s are the company using?

·         How many unauthorized software company is using?

·         Branches of the company,

·         How many unauthorized software company is using at Branch office?

·         Details of company’s owners?



After the investigation, all those evidences were handed over to our client. After seeing the evidences, our clients confirmed that the companies were using the unlicensed software’s. After evidences, the client immediately took legal action against the companies.


Note: We have not disclosed some information extracted during the course of investigation, as the information is highly confidential.

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