Market Research & Mystery Purchases
Since 2003, Elleven Intelligence is a Premium and Innovative Consultancy Organization providing Specialized Services in Market Survey & Research. We have provided our services to the corporate, entrepreneurs and business community dealing in our consulting provides start to finish solutions in conducting Market Research Projects within various Industry Sectors throughout India.

At Elleven Intelligence, we have been providing top quality services in the field of Market Research & Mystery Purchases.

We provide various types of Market Research& Market Survey......
  • Brand Survey, Counterfeit Product Survey,
  • Product Consumption Survey,
  • Counterfeit Product Consumption Survey,
  • Grey Market Survey,
  • Strategic Market Research,
  • Brand Diminish & Failure Research,
  • Field Survey & Data Collection,
  • Competitors Product Research,
  • Customer satisfaction research,
We provide various types of Mystery Purchase.......:
  • Sample Purchase,
  • Spurious Product Sample purchase,
  • Counterfeit / Fake Product Sample Purchase,
  • Grey Market Sample Purchase,
  • Sample Purchase from Distributor to check Genuine-ness,
  • Sample Purchase from Retailer / Dealer selling Fake Products,


Specialized & Customised Service: We provide accurate and comprehensive solutions.

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