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Elleven Intelligence team is highly trained and experienced in Trademark. Brands & IPR Investigations. We have a rich history of successfully safeguarding Individuals, Companies and Entities by protecting their valuable Brands and Trademarks.

Trademarks, brands, and intellectual property rights (IPR) are essential components of any business, as they protect the unique elements of a company's products or services and distinguish them from competitors. However, these valuable assets can also be vulnerable to infringement, which occurs when another party uses a similar mark or brand without authorization. This can lead to confusion among consumers, damage to the reputation of the original mark or brand, and lost revenue for the business.

In order to safeguard trademarks, brands and intellectual property rights (IPR), Elleven Intelligence undertake regular investigations to detect and prevent infringement. These investigations may include online searches, monitoring of social media platforms and e-commerce websites, and on-site inspections of retail locations where infringing products or services may be offered.

Trademark, Brand & IPR Investigations

Trademark, Brand & IPR Investigations
Anti-counterfeiting Investigations
Market Survey
Geographical Indication Investigations
Gray Market Survey & Investigations
Sample & Test Purchases
IPR Litigations Support Investigations
IPR Monitoring Services
Trademark, Domain Name,
Company Name Purchase & Acquisition,
Legal Notice Serving
Service Of Cease & Desist Letters
Litigation and Disputes Support
Event Monitoring 
Trade Fair & Exhibition Monitoring
Online Brand Infringement Monitoring 

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Due Diligence Investigations

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