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We provide best of our services of insurance verification investigation to insurance segment for converting Insurance company’s loss due to the false claim payment

Insurance Companies are loosing Million$...

The insurance companies are losing money in millions because of fraudulent claims. Lessons of the past decade are leading the industry to come together to form a data centre of fraudsters and their methods, which would function like the credit bureau which is tapped into by banks to know the customer’s financial history.

The insurers are also investing money and human resources to enhance their abilities to detect fraud as these fraudsters are a serious threat to the insurance sector.
The frauds are of different varieties and they mostly take place in rural and semi-urban areas where insurers do not have proper infrastructure to inspect or for that matter the local authorities, who are supposed to certify events, are corrupt.

The organised fraudsters identify people who are terminally ill and buy insurance on their behalf and share the booty with the family members. There is a nexus between fraudsters, doctors, lawyers and village-level administrators.

All types of frauds like insurance including inflating the claim amount, property, workers’ compensation, vehicle, health, etc. take place and further to narrow it down, frauds include Suspicious Death, Background Investigation of the person who claims viz. Claimant, Medical History, Locating and interviewing witnesses, etc. 

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Insurance Verifications

We Provide Following Insurance Verification Services
Life Insurance Claim Investigation
Fraud Insurance Claim investigation
Fraud Death Claim investigation
Accident Claim Investigation
Travel Insurance Claim Investigation
International Insurance Claim investigations
Verify Claims & Documentation
Pre - Insurance Policy Verification
Verify Medical Records

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